Dear entrepreneurs,

Being an employee at a startup or small business can be scary. Depending on the level of volatility, there can be weeks where we lose several clients or the work just isn’t coming in. There are days where we’ve been told fellow employees have been let go, but we need to keep chugging along and pick up the pieces. There are times where we’ve had to make sacrifices or hard decisions and have questioned whether we’d be better off somewhere more stable. 

With all that being said, I think it’s important for you to know why we made a decision to join your business. While all employees have several factors that go into their decision to work somewhere, one component will always remain the same: you.

When we accepted the job at your business, we accepted it because we believed in your ability to succeed. We believed in the vision you have for your company, and we wanted it to succeed so badly that we left behind a stable income, fancy job titles, short commutes, and whatever else to be a part of it. We believed that you would take care of us and build a better life for us as long as we were willing to put in the hard work up front. We believed in you.

And as the hard days keep getting harder and the good days seem few and far between, we will always question whether we need to go to a more stable work setting. Yes – we will question it, but you won’t see us leaving. Because the fact of the matter is we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we joined your company. We knew your business wasn’t going to grow overnight, we knew we weren’t going to be making six figures right off the bat, and we knew there were going to be extremely challenging days. 

But we wanted to be a part of something special – something new, something worthwhile. A business where we had a helping hand in making the company grow and succeed. We were willing to suffer through a few years of tough days to give us many years of wonderful days where we love coming to work. Why?

Because even after all this time, we still believe in you.

We still believe in your mission.

We still believe in your ability to make this company succeed. 

You’re what made us take the leap of faith to leave our previous jobs, and you’re what has kept us here fighting for success. 

So if you’re ever having a day where you’re doubting your ability to succeed, you’re doubting your decision to become an entrepreneur, or you’re feeling like no one understands your struggle, remember us. Remember we’ve been there through the struggles, and we still believe in you and your vision.


Your employees

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