Over the past decade a lot has happened. Maybe your business saw growth you didn’t know was possible or maybe you finally became your own boss and are still climbing the ladder. Whatever your situation, a new decade is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your business and determine if your branding and strategy is stuck in the past.

Why rebrand your business?

Brands and organizations change their corporate identity on average every seven to 10 years. If you’ve been in business for a while, maybe it’s time for an update! If you’re a new business, but you noticed things were not working well for you in 2019, maybe it’s worth a look at your image and strategy to see what you can tweak and improve. Rebranding doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your previous branding. It needs to be enough to be noticeable but with enough similarities that customers still recognize your brand.

Ways to refresh your brand

Before you start: rebranding can involve anything from altering your entire brand image to simply repositioning your buyer personas and messaging. Before making any changes, it’s important to think about your rebranding strategy.  Determine whether your business needs a partial or total rebrand. Typically, newer businesses can get away with a total rebrand much easier than a more established business. A partial rebrand can help you retain the brand loyalty you’ve built with a few refreshments to keep things modern. 

1. Redefine your business’s core values and mission

A simple way to start a rebrand is to take a look at your business’s core values and mission. Do they still speak to what you stand by today? As our businesses get older, we learn and adopt new ways of thinking and doing. Your core values and mission should be up-to-date and reflect who you are as a business today.

2. Update your logo and brand colors

A new decade is the perfect excuse to try out a new logo! After looking at your values and mission, does your current logo represent who you are? A good logo will show your personality and will help convey your message. If you’re a lost cause as a graphic designer, don’t sweat it. There are tons of freelance designers on websites like Fiverr that can take your ideas and make something awesome! 

3. Determine if your brand audience and market is working for you

If you saw less traffic and less conversions than you would’ve liked to this past year, it might be time to take a look at your audience and market. Do some research into your current customers. Maybe you overlooked a certain demographic that you should be selling to, or maybe there’s a new competitor in the market that you’re competing with. Analyze the data you have to determine your ideal audience and market.

4. Refine your messaging 

Once you’ve completed those three points above, it’s time to start tweaking your messaging. A new audience, values, and brand look calls for a new voice! To successfully resonate with your new market, you’ll need to strategize about how you want to reach them. When it comes to your website copy, social media posts, ads, etc. make sure your voice matches your businesses overall image.

For more resources on branding, check out our Branding education page and keep an eye out for upcoming classes on branding!