When it comes to digital marketing, your campaigns are only as good as your goals. We already told you about the holy grail of SMART marketing goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely – but you may not know why setting SMART goals is so important. After all, as long as you have a goal, it’s all the same, right? Very wrong, my friend! Here are the top reasons SMART marketing goals are so important for your campaigns:

  1. Direction – it’s impossible to run a campaign without SMART marketing goals. It’s kind of like wandering around a store trying to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t know the aisle or section of the store it’s in, you walk around aimlessly trying to find it. In marketing, if you don’t have SMART goals, you don’t know what tactics or strategies to use, and you’ll aimlessly try things without knowing what’s working.

  2. Accountability – whether you are setting goals for yourself or a client, they are the number one way to show accountability for the work you’re doing. You can’t fudge the dates to make it seem like you hit them in time or squeak by saying what you did worked with no evidence to back it up. Either you hit your goal or you didn’t – no gray area.

  3. Baseline – you shouldn’t set a goal and then come back to it when you’re campaign is done – SMART marketing goals aren’t set and forget. You’re supposed to be checking in throughout the duration of the campaign to maximize success. If you know how long a campaign is going to run and what goal you’re trying to reach in that time, you can track the success through every step of the way and alter your tactics.

Want to know if you’ve set SMART marketing goals for your business? We’d love to help! Shoot us an email at info@smbiz.academy with your goals, and we will help you get them where they need to be. If you’re more of a DIY kind of person and want to learn more about SMART marketing goals, check out this blog.

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