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"Free Webinar: Marketing In Times of Crisis"


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Live Training Webinar

Marketing In Times of Crisis
Live Training Webinar - How To Develop Marketing Tactics In Times of Crisis
Join us for this NEEDED webinar.  You will learn how to adapt to the current climate and learn marketing tactics and techniques.  It's time to up your game and get your content on point.  Let's all work together to help small businesses survive during these crazy times.

  • Topic #1 - We have no control over life or business some times.
  • Topic #2 - What is your current digital marketing knowledge level?
  • Topic #3 - Let's not put our heads in the sand.
  • Topic #4 - Now more than ever relationships are huge.
  • Topic #5 - Embracing They Ask, You Answer.
  • Topic #6 - Level up your content and expertise.
John Politsky, Founder, Small Business Academy
Your Instructor: John Politsky
John is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Community College of Philadelphia.  He works in the Power Up program which specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. 

John is also the Founder and CEO of WeSpeak Easy Digital Marketing, which is a Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

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Marketing in times of crisis - Small Business Academy •
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