Core values are arguably one of the most important things you need to implement to build a company culture. They set in stone the things that are most important to succeed in your company, what you are looking for when you hire or fire team members, and what to expect as an employee or client of your company.

If you aren’t familiar with core values, they are a series of sentences that describe the fundamental beliefs you want to instill in your company. Much like the Ten Commandments, they tell people what your company considers right and wrong as well as what you need to do to succeed.

To give you a little more context of what your core values can or can’t be, here are our company’s core values:

  • Stop, collaborate, and listen
  • Embrace brotherly love
  • Create an awesome experience by not settling for good enough
  • Don’t be an asshole
  • Tell the fucking truth all the fucking time
  • Everything is your fault
  • Entertain, educate, execute but more importantly, empower

After reading these core values, what do they tell you? Do you have an idea of our internal culture and what we look for throughout our team? If I didn’t know what company these core values were for, I’d know this is a company where things are low key and less buttoned up but hard work is still expected. It’s a collaborative, honest environment where everyone treats each other with respect.

Whenever you create your core values, people should be able to deduce exactly what your company cares about immediately. They should reflect what you actually care about rather than what you think companies should care about. If you want to use foul language, do it – as long as it fits what culture you’re trying to build. There’s no wrong set of core values as long as they promote a positive work environment.

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