Even if you’re a new entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard about the importance of company culture. There are dozens of books dedicated to it and handfuls of famous entrepreneurs who constantly talk about it. But what is company culture? Finding an answer to this question is your first step toward building a culture that rocks. 

What is Company Culture?

Culture refers to the personality of the company. It sets the tone for how employees should act, what is acceptable within company walls, and what types of clients your company will work with. But it goes even deeper than that. Culture helps influence your company’s mission, ethics, and goals to give the company a higher purpose than itself – something everyone in the company can strive for. It ensures everyone is rowing in the same direction with the same values and beliefs. 

Why should I care about Culture?

Where do we even start! Culture is basically the lifeblood of a company. Employees want to work in a culture or environment where they fit in and feel aligned with the company. This alignment naturally results in employee happiness and creates a positive environment. It  also helps you weed out potential employees who wouldn’t accept your culture, which helps with employee turnover and length of employment.

From a company standpoint, culture gives you higher purpose. It forces you to decide what you want to accomplish with this company and what goals you want to achieve. It is a great motivator for bad days where you question why you started the company in the first place. Culture also helps you determine what clients are a good fit, so you increase client retention and don’t have to worry about too much turnover. 

How do I Create an Amazing Culture?

It all starts with you. Your culture should be built around your personality and goals. Are you more of a reserved person? Maybe a more traditional work environment with set job responsibilities and work schedules is more your style. Are you someone who likes flexibility and change? Create a company where people are free to take initiative and voice their opinions and try new things. There is no wrong way to create a culture as long as it’s a positive environment where people want to be. Over time, as you grow, you may need to make a couple tweaks here and there based on feedback and flow, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

So at the end of the day, what is company culture? It’s what you make it! Want to learn more about team and culture? Check out our resources here. 

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